1052: Column 'id' in where clause is ambiguous
SELECT n.id, n.id_news_type, n.name, n.anons, date_format(n.date_added, "%d.%m.%Y") date_added, n.content, n.url_preview , n.www_title, n.www_description, n.www_keywords, n.replaced_id, n.blocks_content, n.image_intro, n.view_count, alias, ( SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(distinct CONCAT_WS("=", t.id, t.name)) FROM tags t INNER JOIN c_news_tags cnt ON (cnt.id_tag = t.id) WHERE cnt.id_news = n.id ORDER BY t.name ) as tags, r.title as rubric_title, id_rubric FROM news n LEFT JOIN rubric r ON (n.id_rubric = r.id) WHERE id = "3843" AND is_block_news = 0 AND is_published=1